Unless you're an a**hole.

"Fame and recognition was not something that I was interested in. Remaining anonymous left a buffer between me and the world in a very useful way. It allowed me to remind myself to write for myself and write for what I thought was true. Rather than following something that wasn't real, it allowed me to stay true to myself and my writing."


Throughout my teens and early adulthood I focused on trying to please and accepted by others, which turns out left me feeling empty inside.

I always wanted to belong and ensure fairness among everyone else, that I forgot about myself along the way and never really allowed me to be: just me. Once we learn that we will never be able to please and be everyone's everything, life becomes much more fluent and easy. Being you doesn't mean that you are so different that no one can relate or share similarities with you. Being you means owning yourself for the flawed, beautiful human being you are. 

Embrace who we are. We each bring our own light to the world; it's just each of our jobs to recognise and own it. Be raw. Be real. Be you. 

Unless you're an a**hole. Then, be someone else.✌