Postcards from far away (v).

“I want to give you the feeling that Haruki Murakami wrote about, and how I wish you are the one who was lost in all those places; a spooky norwegian woods, a mad suburban storm, a cozy jazz cafe that keeps on playing the same song, or in a mystical city, filled with talking, aristocratic cats, or just a long, silent walk from Shibuya to Aoyama; with me.”


"I want to get to know you, deeper than what's on the surface. deeper than your favourite foods, music and colours. what makes your brain tick? what makes your heart skip beats? what makes your soul glow? i want to get to know, the real you."


"I want to have more conversations rooted in compassion. ask more questions like 'where could i have been better for you?' because we all love differently. i want to learn how to better take care of you."


"I want to see you achieve everything. even if i am not there."