"Untuk River Jusuf..."

- ms. 260-261; The Architecture of Love. 

"Masa lalu itu bukan untuk dihilangkan namun cukup diterima dan dilewati. Sesederhana itu."

Maka berdamailah dengan masa lalumu, yakin saja kelak, yang patah akan tumbuh, yang hilang akan berganti.  

Keep going.

"The ones who stood still, were the ones thinking what to do next, and the ones who were running did not have a place to go but they just kept going. The same way some people live their lives without knowing what will happen next. No rules, no plans, just movement, and living like that was enough to make me happy. It was enough to make me understand how some things cannot be thought out, how some things are meant to happen, and how some things hit your world like a comet and change its course forever."

Let go of expectations and attachments. Learn to just flow with life. Everything is temporary both good and bad, all you have to do is just enjoy the ride.

Whenever you feel like give in up, take a deep breath and remember all the dreams you have not achieve yet. Go and get it!