Song of joy.

Ranau | Noor gambateh. 

I saw a pure white dream
So white as if it were transparent

I was walking slowly
Like in my memories

Like the sun in the night sky and the moon in the blue sky
Somehow I feel so warm
I wonder if you know

I am alive
The stars are crying
It sounds like
A song of joy

Whenever you are talking to me
It feels like I’m in a cradle

Over that great, wide sea
there is a burning grassland

That pure, small light is turning into you
and engulfs me entirely
In the twinkling of an eye it will become an endless fairy tale of some time

You are alive
You are raising your voice
It is a song of joy
that will never stop ringing.

- Song of joy, Plenty.

"Jika benarlah engkau mencintai Tuhanmu, 
maka bergembiralah dengan apa jua takdirNya."