"Do you know how a star dies?"

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"Do you know how a star dies?" She asked. Inhaling slowly before speaking again. 

"It dies one of three possible deaths. One way is for it to fade into the night sky. Eventually silencing itself to nothingness before its last breath of light is devoured by cold darkness of space.

The second, more noble but in no way practical, is for it to completely burn itself out. Exhausting every last bit of fight that it can muster and incinerating everything and everyone close by...but eventually, it too turns into nothing.

"What about the third way?" I asked curiously, after she paused to check if I was paying attention to her ramble.She smirked, happy to find that I was listening.

"Lastly, it detaches from it's past, collapsing in on itself and becoming a black hole. In death, it has found a way to transform and end into a new beginning."

- The Gift of the Sun.

"If you have to say goodbye, do it like sunset; warm, sadly beautiful, and see you tomorrow." 

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