Life lesson (iv)

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Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.

One muálim walked past a house in which a couple was engaged in a shouting match. He turned towards his students who were walking with him and asked, ''why do people raise their voice when they are angry?"

One of them replied: "We tend to shout when we lose our patience."

"But why should you shout to the person next to you? You could still hear each other well if you were to speak in a normal tone of voice," said the muálim.

The students gave all kinds of response to their teacher's remarks, yet they could not agree with one another.

The muálim then offered his reasoning.

"When two people are angered, their hearts become distant from each other. For them to traverse the distance between their hearts, they will have to shout, else the other person will not be able to hear. When they get angrier with each other, both of them will shout even louder because the heart-distance between them has become farther still."

"What about two people who are in love? They don't yell at each other. In fact, they will speak very softly because their hearts are close to each other. The distance between their hearts is short or non-existent."

"What happen when their love grows deeper? They don't even talk anymore. Instead, they will just whisper. Eventually there is no need for them to whisper. All they have to do is simply look at each other. That is the closest two loving persons could get."

"Should you quarrel, do not let your hearts drift apart. Do not say words that could increase the distance between two hearts and let hatred grow. If you let that happen, one day the distance between the hearts will become too great for either of you to traverse."

دل به دل راه داره

"There is telepathy between hearts."

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