art with the small 'a'.

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"Art with a big "A" is for museums, galleries, critics, and collectors. art with a small "a" is for the rest of us. You may not be an Artist. Big whoop. But I know you can make art— with a wonderful, expressive, teeny, tiny 'a'." - Danny Gregory

If there was a secret formula for getting an audience, or gaining a following, I would give it to you. But there’s only one not-so-secret formula that I know: “Do good work and put it where people can see it.”

  • “do good work,” is incredibly hard. There are no shortcuts. Make stuff every day. Fail. Get better.
  • “put it where people can see it,” was really hard up until about 10 years ago. Now, it’s very simple: “put your stuff on the internet.”

One of the things I’ve learned as an artist is that the more open you are about sharing your passions, the more people love your art. Find people on the internet who love the same things as you and connect with them. Share things with them. You don't have to share everything, in fact, sometimes it's much better if you don't. Show just a little bit of what you're working on. Share a sketch or a doodle or a snippet. Share a little glimpse of your process. Think about what you have to share that could be of some value to people. Share a handy tip you've discovered while working. Or a link to an interesting article. Mention a good book you've reading. 

If you're worried about giving your secrets away, you can share your dots without connecting them. It's your finger that has to hit the publish button. You have control over what you share and how much you reveal. 

- Steal like an Artist; Austin Kleon.

If you feel bad about your art remember that there's at least one person who genuinely likes your style, looks up to you, and wishes they could do what you do. :)

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