There's no need for regrets.

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"Venusians all love each other; there are no exceptions. Nor is there any hatred, envy, or contempt. No one badmouths anyone else. There are no murders or fights. Love and caring reign. "Suppose someone were to die today - we wouldn't feel sad", the quiet young Venusian said. "We loved them with all our hearts while they are alive, so there's no need for regrets." - venus in wind; murakami.

The best medicine for humans is LOVE. What if it does not work? Increase the dose, never keep hatred. Peace yo! ^^,v

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2 love letter(s).

  1. selamat hari raya kak, mohon ampun salah silap. moga dalam jagaan Allah selalu. Aameen Allahumma Aameen :)

    1. Wahida pun sama, didoakan awak dan keluarga selalu berada dalam jagaan Allah, insyaAllah ameen. Maaf atas salah dan silap, selamat hari raya. :)