"Tempat berlindung paling aman."

by - 9:28 PM

Untuk perempuan yang sedang di pelukan (doamu).

"Crush is broad strokes, love is microscopic. It's better to be something to someone, instead of everything to no one."

I hope you find someone who calms the storm within your soul. Cause the person you love should be where you can calm your soul. They should be your safest place to be yourself. Life is hard enough. That person should be your solace.  

Didoakan kelak menemukan tempat berlindung paling aman. InsyaAllah. ^_^

"real love brings about calm not inner torment. True love allows you to be at peace with yourself and with God. That is why Allah says; "that you may dwell in tranquility."(30:21) - Yasmin Mogahed.

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