"Pegi jak."

by - 9:06 PM

Seoul, South Korea; nama jak mampu sampai. ^_^

"If you want to go somewhere you like but no one else wants to, go by yourself. You'll meet people with similar interest as you."


Yang selalu mengajarkan bagaimana menjadi perempuan bahagia, thanks! :)

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2 love letter(s).

  1. Anonymous5.3.17

    kakak ary give a tips on how to win my favourite girl heart's??

    1. Seriyes akak tak reti but one thing for sure, if she's your fav, you should know. Maybe you can show her your effort. Kalau dia ignore just walk away, who knows dia dah ada orang lain yang dia suka. And don't worry, bunga bukan sekuntum kan. As long as you're sincere, you'll find the right one. InsyaAllah.