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Never too old for drama but we should be.

"Maturity it doesn't always come with age, infact its deeper than age. It's about the way you see and understand things. The way you consider others. The way you communicate. The way you react. The things you value. The things you entertain. The way you represent yourself and others as an adult. Everyone grows old, but not everyone is growing up."
"The sign of you getting more mature is you post something on social media not for the likes. The reasons why you post it are you like it, you just want to share it, it's memorable, it's part of your daily life, it makes you happy and you want people get the benefits at the same time. You have no time for acah-acah hijabista, acah-acah diva, or what people nowadays called hipster or just for popularity." - T. Erma.

We grow better, we understand deeper, we react rationally, we interact intelligently, we think carefully and we love unconditionally. 

Kerana kehidupan ini bukan sebuah pertandingan 'aku lebih dari orang lain'. Cukuplah menang dalam perjalanan mencari diri sendiri - Linda. 

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