Little things (ii).

Nana's farewell. 😢

Friendships at work are weird things. They are wonderful, but weird. You see your work buddies 5 days a week for hours on end. You go to lunch together regularly, sit in long and boring school meetings together, chatter at work events and support one another through stressful periods. You'll likely get to know a fair bit about each other's personal lives too. But it goes even deeper than that. They are often the only ones who really understand your day-to-day pressures; after all, we share the same frustrations. We are often each other's pillars of strength when it comes to staying motivated.

Dikurniakan teman-teman sekerja yang 'ndak bikin stress' pun satu nikmat Tuhan yang kadang terlupa untuk saya syukuri. Sebab ia jadi satu alasan untuk tetap bersemangat pergi kerja hari-hari. Kadang terfikir juga, kalau satu hari dapat pindah, jumpa lagi ka geng-geng kerja se'awesome' dorang ni?

- 211119, hari anugerah kecemerlangan, SKP '19