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"Untuk River Jusuf..."

Keep going.

Diari Ary (ii).

We are not for sell.

That's love.

Search for the real.

Cerita-cerita kehidupan.

View from my window.


"Tempat berlindung paling aman."

If we are happy, we are on the right road.


Kitab ASH II.

Diari Ary.

Buat kita, anak muda.

Lady gagah.

Matahary, since 2012.

There's no need for regrets.

Happiness is objective not subjective.

A little note.

We're still learning.

Tulislah ketika ingat. Bacalah semula ketika lupa.

art with the small 'a'.

Things to never forget.

"Siapa yang harus paling kau hormati?"

Think like a man.

Life lesson (viii)

Things it takes a while to understand.